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Preliminary communication

Preparation of SiO2 Powder through Leaching of Serpentine

A. Pietriková
M. Búgel
M. Golja

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In this article, the mechanism of the leaching process of preparing SiO2 powder is analysed. A number of parameters are discussed, such as the specific surface, the size, the morphology of reactant, the ratio of all reactants, etc. After series of experiments, we successfully obtained high purity silica powder. By implementing the proposed way of chemical treatment of serpentine mineral raw material it is possible to prepare powder with content of SiO2 up to 99 %. Technology of hydrometallurgical processing of serpentine mineral raw material can be ranked among environmental technologies aimed at the disposal of a waste dump containing asbestos. Besides processing the environmentally unfriendly dump, this technology also results in obtaining lucrative raw materials based on Si and Mg.


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