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Original scientific paper

Against the Media – The Media of Resistance

Marijan Krivak ; University of Osijek

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Contemporary praxis of mediation, and a phenomenon usually known as »media theory«, brings with itself the issue of epochal break with traditional culture of textuality, and all inherited ways of knowledge transmission. This represents conceptual narrowing of media to machines for electronic and digital processing of verbal, visual and sonic information.
McLuhan`s hot media of print and papers were replaced, at the beginning, by cold media of TV and movies, and finally, by even cooler medium, the computer, and »the coolest of all cold beasts« – the mobile phone! This paper is directed against media. But, for critical discourse on media and its manipulative role, it is necessary to know how to use properly – the very same media! Besides this, it is the intention of this strategy to use it as political weapon/toolkit. Only then, we should say that post-ideological ideology of overwhelming domination of culture is deconstructed. »The world after media« (Agentur BILWET) is in fact a political slogan that leads this paper.


media theory, textuality, multimediatrix, culture as ideology, disinfotainment, Agentur BILWET

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