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Original scientific paper

Management of inventory in a company

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Firstly, the purpose of the empirical part of the study is to analyze the inventory balances of surveyed companies
and secondly, to explore the dependence between companies’ level of inventory and profitability
expressed in terms of return on assets. Thirdly, the aim of the theoretical research is to explore the cost and
benefits from changes in the inventory level as well as to define variables that determine net savings from
changes in inventory level. An optimal inventory level should be based on consideration of incremental
profitability resulting from increased merchandise with the opportunity cost of carrying higher inventory
The results will provide a model equation for calculating net savings from changes in inventory level as well
as a new mathematical optimization model. With this model a company can consider net earnings from
changes in inventory level and establish the optimal inventory level as well as improve profitability.


inventory balances; profitability; net savings; mathematical optimization model; optimal inventory level

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