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Original scientific paper

Assessment of the vibration on the foam legged and sheet metal-legged passenger seat

L. Dahil ; Istanbul Aydın University, Department of Mechanical and Metal Technologies, Turkey
A. Karabulut ; Afyon Kocatepe University, Faculty of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Turkey

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In this study, it was aim ed to decrease the vibration reaching to passenger from the legs of vehicle seats. In order to determine the levels of vibrations reaching at passengers, a test pad placed under the passenger seat was used, and HVM100 device was used for digitizing the information obtained. By transferring the vibration data to system by using HVM100 device, the acceleration graphics were prepared with Blaze software. As a result, it was determined that the acceleration values of seat legs made of foam material were lower than that of seat legs made of 2 mm thick sheet metal, so they damped the vibration better.


Foam material, vibration, damping, acceleration

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