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Preliminary communication

Dependence of the mechanical properties of joints welded according to the parameters of the metal active gas (MAG) welding regime

D. Dobrotă ; Engineering Faculty, “Constantin Brâncuşi” University ofTârgu-Jiu, Romania
V. Petrescu ; Engineering Faculty, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania

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The main objective followed in the realization of welded structures is to obtain superior mechanical characteristics for these structures. The research aimed at setting ranges of values for the welding voltage (Uw), respectively for the welding current (Iw) so as to obtain superior mechanical features for welded constructions. The research was carried out using E 36-4 steel as base material and SG2 wire as filler material, whereas the applied welding process was MAG. The optimization was done with the help of a number of 31 test bars considering various welding procedures for each test bar, and the experimental data were processed using the STATISTCA program.


MAG welding process; steel; parameters of the welding regime; mechanical characteristics; optimization

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