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Case report

The Effect of Mobbing on Medical Staff Performance

Željka Josipović-Jelić
Eugenio Stoini
Sandra Celić-Bunikić

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Mobbing is a specific type of psychological violence and abnormal behavior that is becoming ever more common in business environment. This type of hostile behavior has adverse psychological, psychosomatic and social consequences. Mobbing can be vertical when a superior abuses a person working at an inferior position, or horizontal when the abuse occurs between individuals at the same level of business hierarchy. Mobbing develops through several phases starting with an initial unsolved conflict between business partners, through constant psychological abuse of the victim, who starts to fight desperately for survival in response to it, and may with time develop psychosomatic discomforts and depression. After years of abuse, these problems may progress into real chronic diseases and disturbances. The individuals working at health institutions have a specific position and are at a high risk of professional conflict and stress situations. Consequently, mobbing may have considerable effect on the psychological and social well-being of both medical professionals and patients. The problems of mobbing victims at health institutions manifest at the social and emotional level as the lack of interest in patients and in improvement of working conditions or productivity, and at physical level, as the victims of mobbing frequently have an increased rate of sick-leave. The problems caused by mobbing can be classified as physical, emotional and behavioral. Mobbing has an adverse effect on the health, performance and life of the individual, as well as on the quality of employees in health care institutions in general. Prevention, education and appropriate access to information can help in proper education and protection of health professionals who are victims of mobbing.


Civil rights, Occupational health - legislation anal jurisprudence, Social behavior disorders - diagnosis

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