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Gjuro Ferrich’s Periegesis orae Rhacusanae (1803) as a Travel Polemic

Wendy Bracewell orcid id ; School of Slavonic and East European Studies of the University College London, London United Kingdom

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Gjuro Ferrich’s Periegesis orae Rhacusanae (1803) has been read as a description of Ragusa’s territories, as a sarcastic commentary on Ragusan manners and morals, and as a poetic paraphrase of physiocratic ideas. Now a hitherto unstudied letter from the author suggests that it should also be read as a ‘counter-travelogue’, a polemical reply to a foreign account of Ragusa. This study sets Ferrich’s Periegesis in context, examining its relationship to Francesco Maria Appendini’s Notizie (1802-03); the different models Ferrich may have drawn upon in framing his text; and the insights into particular images provided by a polemical reply to Ferrich composed by Marin Zlatarich. Ferrich’s Periegesis emerges as a ‘discreet’ polemic, with different messages addressed to its domestic readers on the one hand and its foreign audience on the other.


Đuro Ferić; Marin Zlatarić; travel polemics; counter-travelogue; transnational cultural exchange

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