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Review article

Karl T. Jaspers and Viktor E. Frankl: Compared Thoughts of Two Psychiatrist

Josip Bošnjaković orcid id ; Catholic University of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

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In reflecting on existence Jaspers and Frankl, each in their own way think, explain, and analyze the concept of existence. While Jaspers says that existence can be explained in particular in limit situations
and existential communication, Frankl says that the existence can be interpreted during the life giving on the importance of what is existentially. Based on the read scriptures we are concluding that Jaspers influenced Frankl’s thought. In their minds we find similar ideas, which the authors named in a different way, sometimes
with slight differences, but the differences are obvious as when it comes to understanding and finding meaning, etc. Both speak of spiritual dimension, difficult and limit situations of life, existence, of responsibilities, psychotherapy, meaning of life, etc. Jaspers and Frankl were botch psychiatrists, and it can be shown that they base their won ideas on a long practice, although they have different approaches. Jaspers in his approach emphasizes existential dimension, while Frankl explicitly emphasizes the importance of spiritual dimension in human life. The correspondence between these two authors are also points on reciprocal understanding their views and ideas. While Frankl acts and thinks in view of practical application, Jaspers is interested primarily in philosophical consistency of his conception.


clarification of existence, existential analysis, meaning, logotherapy, psychotherapy, spirit

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