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Hedda Martina Šola

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The excessive number of brands on the market leads to information overload.
Technical specifications on most products prevent a regular consumer from determining
the product’s real value. Urbanisation of a modern society creates an environment
with too many shops offering similar products. This is precisely why it is essentially
important to explore the methods of a neuroscientific discipline, in order to find out
whether marketing choices that have been made lead to maximum consumer satisfaction.
Neuromarketing, as a scientific discipline in the field of marketing research, represents an
implementation of neuroscientific methods, with a purpose of a better understanding of
human behaviour. As a sublimation of two scientific disciplines-consumer behaviour and
neuroscience - neuromarketing replaces the traditional types of marketing research. The
purpose of this article is to introduce the postulates and the methodology of neuromarketing
application, from the scientific and professional point of view. Therefore, it offers an
overview of empirical research, analysis of techniques used in practise while conducting
neuromarketing research, and the effect of their mutual interaction on the economy. With
a comparative analysis of the influence neuromarketing has on the promotion of a marketing
campaign, this paper determines the technological and general limitations in doing
research, which have a direct influence on: product development, graphic design, distribution
and promotion of products/services in general. In conclusion, we could claim that
neuromarketing is a discipline that represents a quality addition to marketing research, in
which the provided data analyses can be used in a way for companies to produce and sell
products in accordance with consumer preferences.


neuromarketing; marketing research; consumer behaviour

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