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Review article

Evaluation of compressive test methods for paper using a mathematical model, based on compressive test for corrugated board

Iva Šarčević ; Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
Dubravko Banić ; Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia
Diana Milčić ; Faculty of Graphic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

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There are several methods for the measurement compressive strength of linerboard and fluting medium paper. The results of different method can vary up to 30% and more for same material sample and the biggest challenge is to determine compressive strength uninfected by other properties. It still isn’t specified which method is technically more correct. The Short-Span Compressive Test (SCT) method is assumed to be more accurate. However, the Ring Crush Test (RCT) method is still widely use despite that it is established it is affected by buckling load of test specimen. In this study these two different methods were performed to measure the compressive strength of corrugated board’s components. The results were implemented in Maltenfort equation for prediction of board compressive strength. The accuracy of methods was evaluated by comparing predicted compressive strength with measured board edgewise compressive strength (ECT). The result confirmed that SCT method is more successful for predicting compressive strength of corrugated board and therefor, more accurate.


compression testing, linerboard, fluting medium, corrugated board, Ring Crush Test, Short-Span Compressive Test, Edge Crush Test

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