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Original scientific paper

Analysis of Water Vapor Condensation Models at High Mass Flux Densities Inside Helical Tubes

Josip Pasanec ; Pireko d.o.o., Oroslavje, Croatia
Nenad Ferdelji ; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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This paper presents an analysis of condensation models inside helical tubes. Due to the lack of reliable water vapor condensation models for high mass flux densities in helical tubes, in the paper is proposed usage of standard modification that correlate condensation heat transfer coefficient inside vertical tubes with condensation heat transfer coefficient inside helical tubes through enhancement factor. Although this modification is originally introduced for application without phase changes, in present work is shown that it can be also applied for phase changing application. Furthermore, modification was applied to two reliable condensation models for vertical tubes which are than compared by using both local and averaged approach for different mass flux densities.


heat exchanger, helical tube, condensation, water vapor, mass flux density

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