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Review article

Use of new information technologies in the maintenance of ship systems

Luka Mihanović orcid id ; Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia, Navy, Split, Croatia
Pančo Ristov ; Faculty of Maritime Studies, Split, Croatia
Goran Belamarić ; Faculty of Maritime Studies, Split, Croatia

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In order to increase efficiency, security, reliability and availability of systems, while simultaneously reducing operational cost of maintenance, use of new information technologies continues to grow steadily. New information technologies are implemented as an integral part of ship systems or as an independent system, such as cloud computing, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, diagnostic technology, software agents, etc. New information technologies allow optimal use of computer (general purpose, dedicated or industrial) aided ship systems, which results in the reduction of crew sizes and more efficient maintenance of ship systems. Finally, they allow shipping companies and marine equipment manufacturers to offer more competitive prices together with ensured level of reliability and availability of ship systems.


Diagnostic technology, Cloud computing, RFID technology, Ship, Ship systems, Shipping company

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