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Original scientific paper

Alternating Copolymers of beta-Alkoxystyrenes and N-Phenylmaleimide

R. Vuković ; INA-Research and Development, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
V. Kurešević ; INA-Research and Development, Zagreb, Yugoslavia
D. Fleš ; INA-Research and Development, Zagreb, Yugoslavia

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page 139-146

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Alternating copolymers of beta-alkoxystyrenes (I) and N phenylmaleimide (NPMI) were prepared by free-radical initiated polymerization in bulk or in toluene as solvent. The equilibrium constants of I (R = Et and sec-Bu) and NPMI were determined by
the transformed Benessi-Hildebrand NMR method in CDC13, and
it was found that the bulkiness of alkyl group has no significant
influence on the equilibrium constants. The rate of copolymerization,
howe ver, was largely dependent on the bulkiness of alkyl group, and rate constants decreased by increasing the size of alkyl group. It was further found that the weight loss in the thermo-gravimetric analysis increases by the increase of bulkiness of alkyl group in e1ectron donor monomer. The linear correlation between the logarithm of rate constants of kM, over k:« against Taft-Hancock steric constants and the parallelism between weightlos s values in thermograms and steric factors of respective alkyl groups indicate that the rate of copolymerization and thermal degradation are sterically controlled processes.


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