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Original scientific paper

On the Counterion Adsorption Equilibrium

Mihovil Hus ; Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, Svetošimunska 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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The adsorption equilibria of a radio-labelled europium ion and
other counterions on previously prepared, dried Ag2S, AgI, AgBr
and AgCNS precipitates were investigated. The influence of temperature and surface ion concentration on adsorption equilibria of
europium and barium ions was also investigated. Values (z - z')a
or a from the equation for the Schulze-Hardy rule in Mirnik's ion
exchange theory have been calculated from the measured adsorbed
quantities of europium ion. Calculated values for (z - z')a or a for
the europium - other counterion couple show the valence effect.
Less pronounced differences in (z - z')a or a values obtained for
counterions with equal valence depend on the counterion nature,
analogously to the lyothropic series at coagulation. The results obtained are discussed considering the previously known values of a
constant from the Schulze-Hardy rule for particular counterion
couples, and the chemical behaviour of particular counterions in
the adsorption systems followed. The adsorption of europium ion
was followed by the radioactive tracer technique.


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