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Original scientific paper

Vanadium micro-alloyed high strength steels for forgings

C. Zitelli ; Università di Perugia, Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Perugia, Italy
S. Mengaroni ; ThyssenKrupp Acciai Speciali Terni, Terni, Italy
A. Di Schino ; Università di Perugia, Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Perugia, Italy

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page 326-328

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To fulfill the industrial demand of forged steels with high tensile properties and microstructural requirements coupled with reduced cost, the possibility to increase the properties of C-Mn steels by means of precipitation strengthening as achieved by micro-alloying (and without the addition of expensive elements such as Mo and Cr) has been evaluated. In order to do that, the effect of V addition has been exploited by means of metallurgical modelling followed by a laboratory ingot manufacturing. Heat treatment has been designed aimed to achieve the desired target tensile properties. Results show that ASTM A694 F70 grade requirements can bel fulfilled by 0,15% V addition and a proper heat treatment in a ferrite-pearlite microstructure, representative of a forged component.


micro-alloying steel; vanadium; chemical composition; heat treatment; mechanical properties

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