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Preliminary communication

The impact of employee education and knowledge on the logistics processes in Slovenian companies

Sebastjan Škerlič ; University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, Slovenia

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A statistical analysis has been conducted on a sample of 30 Slovenian companies, the main purpose of which was to determine the impact of the level of education of logistics employees and the logistics knowledge of employees from other departments on the logistics processes of companies. It has been determined that the acquired level of education has a significant impact on the level of logistics costs in larger companies. The results of the survey have also proved that the quality of logistical processes is higher in companies where employees from other departments possess a wide range of logistical knowledge. The results obtained represent an important finding for the logistic profession in Slovenia and for the wider region, since logistics is an area that continues to be dominated by employees with a lower level education.


Logistics processes, Logistics costs, Logistics education, Logistics knowledge, Slovenia

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