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Original scientific paper

Five and Six Coordinated Complexes of Di and Trivalent Iron with Ligands Derived from Acidhydrazides and Acetylacetone

V. B. Rana ; Department of Chemistry, Meerut College, Meerut-250001 (India)
Ishwar Singh ; Department of Chemistry, Meerut College, Meerut-250001 (India)
M. P. Teotia ; Department of Chemistry, Meerut College, Meerut-250001 (India)

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page 267-275

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Picolinic acid hydrazide(PH) and isonicotinic acidhydrazide
(INH) react with acetylacetone in the presence of iron(II) and iron .
(III) salts and give complexes of open chain tetradentate ligands
through a template effect. The complexes are isolated and characterised
as five and six-coordinated by the help of analyses,
conductance, molecular weight, magnetic, Mossbauer, electronic
and infrared spectral studies. Two molecules of PH or INH condense
with a single acetylacetone moiety giving open chain tetradentate
ligands. Attempts to isolate the ligand in the free state are,
however, unsuccessful. The Ac(PH)2 coordinates through azomethine
and pyridine nitrogens, while Ac(INHh does so through
azomethine nitrogens and amide oxygens. Mossbauer spectra are
consistent with their proposed geometries and reveal that iron is
in the high-spin state. Various ligand field parameters are calculated
using normalised spherical harmonic Hamiltonian theory and
the amount of distortion is calculated in terms of DT/DQ. Metal-
ligand vibrations in the far IR region are discussed.


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