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Preliminary communication

Packaging Design with Hidden Near Infrared Colour Separation

Jana Žiljak ; Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Vrbik 8,10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Denis Jurečić ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Graphic Arts, Getaldićeva 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Vilko Žiljak orcid id ; University North, 104. brigade 3, 42000 Varaždin, Croatia

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We present extended visual and infrared colour management with the application in packaging print in this paper. Visual design is a vector graph which is masked by pixel graph according to a plan which altogether allows visibility of packaged product. The hidden information, invisible to the naked eye, is printed on the transparent foil and is identified by an infrared camera. Two independent pieces of pictural information are made with the "dualcolours". Each tone of colour consists of two different process components which respond differently in near infrared spectrum. Duality of graphic design for visual (V) and near infrared (Z) spectrum is designed for the print with process colours. The recipes for dual colorants are achieved by near infrared spectroscopy. A new mathematical regression model is provided for transparent material which is applied in food packaging. The infrared vector graphics increases safety quality of packaging technology; against copying, scanning and subsequent reproduction.


dualcolours, food packaging, hidden image, near infrared spectroscopy, VZ design

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