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Original scientific paper

National Innovation System: Where do Government and Business Diverge?

Ernest Vlačić orcid id ; NOVAMINA Innovative Technology Center, Zagreb; ALGEBRA College, Zagreb
Marina Dabić orcid id ; Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb; Nottingham Business School, Nottingham, UK
Zoran Aralica orcid id ; Institute of Economics, Zagreb

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The paper investigates the national innovation system
and divergences in the prioritisation of key measures
of the national institutional framework linked to the policy
mix supply side. Two acting populations from the
Republic of Croatia were selected for this process:
on one side, 33 governmental representatives of the
institutional framework (IF) ecosystem, and the "opposite
side" of 93 owners or CEOs of firms as policy
targets or beneficiaries. The produced results were
additionally verified through 18 semi-structured
interviews with government officials as representatives
of the IF. The results confirm the existence of divergences
in the perception of importance and relevance of the
policy measures between the two populations.


National Innovation System – NIS; policy; supply side; Croatia

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