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Original scientific paper

The Relationship Between Compulsive Internet Use and Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety in Adolescence

Tena Erceg orcid id ; Kindergarten “Konavle”, Cavtat, Croatia
Gordana Buljan Flander ; Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb
Tea Brezinšćak ; Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb

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Difficulties in managing one`s habits of internet use have been the focus of much clinical and scientific interest in the past twenty years. However, their definition, clinical nature, and relationships with other relevant concepts, remain a matter of controversy. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between compulsive internet use (CIU) and symptomatology related to depression and anxiety among adolescents. The sample consisted of 1320 primary and secondary school students aged 11 to 18 years. Problematic patterns of internet use were assessed using the Compulsive Internet Use Scale, while depression and anxiety symptoms were measured using Beck Youth Depression Inventory and Beck Youth Anxiety Inventory. The results have shown that adolescents who report more compulsive patterns of internet use also show higher levels of depression and anxiety symptoms. The findings contribute to the understanding of problematic internet use in adolescents and its relationship with internalizing emotional difficulties, which suggests valuable implications for the development of prevention and intervention programs within the adolescent population.


Internet, addictive behavior, anxiety, depression, adolescents

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