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Original scientific paper

“Tabitha”: The First Baptist Women’s Association in Zagreb

Davorin Peterlin ; Theological Faculty “Matija Vlačić Ilirik”, Zagreb

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The article investigates the beginning in 1937 of the Women’s Association
“Tabitha” within the Bpatist church of Zagreb and its later work.The
key role in the founding of “Tabitha” was played by the Russian Lidija
Kalmikova from Belgrade. The first president of “Tabitha” was Janja Baluban,
and two other prominent Baptist women from Zagreb were local
Russians Aleksandra Švast and Aleksandra Filipović. Other significant
women of this period were Rozi Lovrec, Fani Lovrec, Katarina Gasteiger,
Beti Bajs, Jozefina Vincetić, Marija Bistrović and Paula Dudović.
The article addresses the structure and regulations of the Association,
key events, activities, meetings, sermons, theological characteristics, visits
to sister associations in the country in the period before and during
the Second World War. The Association ceased with its activities and
stopped functioning sometime after the end of the Second World War
for no discernable reasons.
The study affords an insight into a significant aspect of existence
and work of a minority religious community in Zagreb. It has made use of all available sources of information, such as written sources (meetings’ minutes, letters, reports, articles), oral sources (recollections from interviews) and photographs.


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