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Original scientific paper

Perception of educators on the mediation role of ease of use in predicting the relationship between teacher competence and use behaviour

Simmy Kurian orcid id ; Toc H Institute of Science and Technology, Arakkunnam, P.O.,Ernakulam District,Kerala
Hareesh Ramanathan orcid id ; Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Arakkunnam, P.O.,Ernakulam District,Kerala
Berislav Andrlic ; Polytechnic in Pozega

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This paper analyses the relationship between the
teacher technology competence and their use of
technology under the mediating influence of ease
of use. The paper presents a set of results that are
empirically tested on a sample of 387 high school
and higher secondary school teachers from across
14 districts in Kerala, a southern state in India. A
majority of these respondents had a teaching
experience of more than eleven years and had been
using computers for more than five years. The
results reveal that technology competence among
these teachers was moderately but positively
correlated to their actual use of technology and
this relationship was found to be mediated by ease
of use of technology.
The paper discusses the implications of these
findings and makes recommendations to leverage
these relationships so as to achieve greater
technology integration.


Teacher technology competence; use behavior; ease of use; mediation; technology integration

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