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Original scientific paper

Application of Advanced Virtual Reality and 3D Computer Assisted Technologies in Tele-3D-Computer Assisted Surgery in Rhinology

Ivica Klapan
Željko Vranješ
Drago Prgomet
Juraj Lukinović

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page 217-219

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The real-time requirement means that the simulation should be able to follow the actions of the user that may be moving
in the virtual environment. The computer system should also store in its memory a three-dimensional (3D) model of
the virtual environment. In that case a real-time virtual reality system will update the 3D graphic visualization as the
user moves, so that up-to-date visualization is always shown on the computer screen. Upon completion of the tele-operation,
the surgeon compares the preoperative and postoperative images and models of the operative field, and studies
video records of the procedure itself. Using intraoperative records, animated images of the real tele-procedure performed
can be designed. Virtual surgery offers the possibility of preoperative planning in rhinology. The intraoperative use of
computer in real time requires development of appropriate hardware and software to connect medical instrumentarium
with the computer and to operate the computer by thus connected instrumentarium and sophisticated multimedia interfaces.


telemedicine; virtual reality; computer assisted surgery; rhinology

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