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Original scientific paper

The Croatian Web DictionaryMrežnik Project – Goals And Achievements

Lana Hudeček ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb
Milica Mihaljević orcid id ; Institut za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje, Zagreb

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The Croatian Web Dictionary – Mrežnik project is at the moment of writing of this paper at the end of the third year. The project goals are to compile an e-dictionary of the Croatian language that is online, free, corpus-based, monolingual, hypertext, searchable, normative, and based on the contemporary results of e-lexicography and computational linguistics. Mrežnik consists of three modules: for adult native speakers of Croatian, schoolchildren, and non-native speakers of Croatian. It will be the central meeting point of the existing language resources of the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics but also of the language resources created within the project. Croatian Web Dictionary – Mrežnik is conceived as a dynamic dictionary that can be further compiled and edited even after the end of the four-year project and the result of the project will be the model for the growing Croatian e-dictionary that will be a long-term project of the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics.


<i>Mrežnik</i>, e-dictionary, e-lexicography, dictionary microstructure, dictionary macrostructure

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