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Original scientific paper

Lithium Effect on Glutamate Induced Damage in Glioblastoma Cells

Sanjica Jakopec
Dalibor Karlović
Klara Dubravčić
Drago Batinić
Jasna Sorić
Anamaria Brozović
Danijel Buljan
Maja Osmak

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page 87-91

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Lithium, besides mood stabilization, might be involved in neuroprotection. Previously we have found that the treatment
with lithium increased the levels of p21WAF/Cip1 and survivin in human glioblastoma A1235 cells. The aim of the
present study was to examine the cytotoxic effect of glutamate on these cells, and to determine whether lithium can protect
A1235 cells against toxic effects of glutamate. Cytotoxicity of glutamate was examined by spectrophotometric MTT assay,
while the expression of apoptosis related genes was examined by Western blot method. Glutamate was excessively cytotoxic
for A1235 cells only in concentrations higher than 100 mM. It did not induce apoptosis, but rather suppressed
survivin expression and increased the level of p21WAF/Cip1. Pretreatment with lithium (2 mM) partially reverted change in
survivin expression induced by glutamate, suggesting that lithium may have beneficial effect on glutamate induced cell
damage in glioblastoma cells.


glioblastoma cells, glutamate, lithium, survivin, p21WAF/Cip1

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