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Original scientific paper

Thefts Behind the Restoration of Dubrovnik After the Great Earthquake of 1667

Petrica Balija ; student of the History of Population doctoral programme of the University of Dubrovnik

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Analysis of the court proceedings involving thefts of salvaged construction material in the Dubrovnik Republic between 21 June 1667 and end of 1676 allows an insight into the course of restoration on the Republic territory hit by the disastrous earthquake, providing useful data on the state of particular buildings, their location, owners and builders engaged in the reconstruction process. The article examines the impact of the government’s emergency measures on the reconstruction carried out in the urban area and on the postponed restoration of the villas in the countryside, as well as the shifts in the social perception of theft prevailing in the mentioned period. Analysis of the type of stolen construction material contributes to our knowledge of the distribution of earthquake damage on the entire Republic territory.


Dubrovnik Republic; 17th century; thefts; 1667 earthquake; damage; reconstruction; villas; construction material

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