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Review article

Testing noncohesive geogrid-reinforced soil in triaxial shear apparatus under cyclic loading

Jelena Kaluđer
Mensur Mulabdić
Krunoslav Minažek

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In road base layers, geogrids assume the reinforcement or stabilization function where good interaction between geogrid and unbound base material is important. The cyclic triaxial test can be used for analysing interaction between geogrid and unbound base material. The paper includes an overview of research where cyclic triaxial test is primarily used for assessing the influence of parameters such as geogrid stiffness, geometry and aperture size, position and number of geogrid layers, on the interaction with the base layer material. The cyclic triaxial test can be used to determine contribution the geogrid application in non-cohesive materials has on the reduction of permanent deformations.


geogrid; cyclic triaxial test; stiffness; aperture geometry; aperture size

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