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Original scientific paper

Methodology for Development of Secondary Forest Traffic Infrastructure Cadastre

Tibor Pentek ; Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Hrvoje Nevečerel ; Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Tomislav Poršinsky ; Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Dragutin Pičman ; Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Kruno Lepoglavec ; Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Igor Potočnik ; Forestry Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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page 75-83

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Nowadays, under conditions in which forest areas are being opened with increasing number of forest roads due to great need for forest resources, the need for a well-kept system of forest roads becomes a necessary prerequisite in the process of intensification of forest ecosystems management. Cadastre of primary forest traffic infrastructure on the territory of the Republic of Croatia has already been established, and now the need for secondary forest road cadastre arises. Development of secondary forest road cadastre methodology will make a great and important step in inventarisation of the entire secondary forest traffic infrastructure. Although this is a comprehensive and very demanding job, it will result in numerous benefits to forest profession. Once established, a comprehensive forest traffic infrastructure cadastre will be able to easily and relatively quickly supplement newly built forest communications. Based on numerous analyses of primary and secondary forest traffic infrastructure, forest experts can enhance the quality of forest communications spatial configuration and direct the process of further primary and secondary forest opening up with the final goal of establishing the optimal primary and secondary forest network from technical-technological, economic, environmental-ecological and sociological-aesthetic point of view.


cadastre of forest traffic infrastructure; secondary forest roads; secondary relative openness; GIS

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