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Conference paper

Core issues in ethics for journalism and media management

Aidan White ; Secretary General, International Federation of Journalists

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The three core issues when talking about journalistic ethics are truth, independence,
and the understanding of consequences of the journalistic and media action.
Truth, always to be re-examined, is the essential part of the ethics of journalism. Independence
both from outside forces of politics and society, as well as from internal
editorial or ownership pressures, is the second core value. Lastly, understanding and
caring for the consequences of journalistic action need to be taken into account as the
third most important issue around which any debate on the ethics of journalism must
revolve. Management strategies in the media need to reckon with the need for dialogue,
consultation, and bargaining within the industry, so as to never loose sight of
the fact that the media serve not primarily for profit, but for wider goals.


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