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Preliminary communication

Readings Behind the Early Christian Queer Experiences: Lives and Passions of Transgender Nuns

Larisa Orlov Vilimonović ; Faculty of Philosophy, Department of History University of Belgrade

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This paper deals with the ideas of queer experiences in the Early Christian movement, seen through early Christian epistemologies of gender and patristic thought focused on sex differences. The lives and passions of transgender nuns are used in discussing various aspects of gender fluidity in early Christianity. Theoretically, the paper rests on the idea of the performativity of gender, that is, on the ways gender was constructed and how body modifications enabled renegotiation of gender categories. It also focuses on the social context of queer experiences in the late antique period with regard to Roman social norms.


transgender nuns, gender fluidity, Christian virgins, eunuchs, cross-dressing, Christian femininity

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