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The Bible and the Everyday Life: Biblical Approach to the Phenomenon of Human Death

Lana Klokočki

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page 165-180

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The paper considers the biblical teaching on the phenomenon of human death, starting from the account in Genesis 2:15-17 and connecting it to other
Scriptural texts. The first part considers the biblical-theological meaning of death and the Christological-soteriological answer to the problem of death.
The second part of the paper presents the practical significance of the correct biblical understanding of the phenomenon of dying both for believers and
unbelievers. The conclusion is that the Bible often talks about death and does not run from it but rather exposes and explains it. According to the Bible, death is God’s punishment for sin: spiritual, physical, and eternal death. It is the enemy that repeatedly wields victory over humankind, however, God, in his grace, has provided the victor over death – Jesus Christ, true man, and true God.


death, law, covenant, resurrection, wisdom, gospel

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