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Preliminary communication

Deformation anisotropy of soft rock

Slobodan Živaljević
Zvonko Tomanović
Borko Miladinović

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Bedding, being a typical feature of sedimentary rocks, is a cause of inherent anisotropy of deformation properties of rock mass. Results of uniaxial and triaxial, short-term and creep tests conducted by the authors on the specimens of a soft sedimentary rock - marl are presented in this paper. Interpolation of results of the short-term tests enabled for determining the parabolic dependence of secant modulus of deformability on angle (a) between load and natural bedding planes in the interval from 0 to 90 degrees. The time-dependent deformation response is described by determining the dependence of parameters of the modified Wallner’s model on the angle a in the interval from 45 to 90 degrees, based on the results of the performed creep tests.


soft rock, creep, anisotropy, bedding, secant modulus, triaxial, marl

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