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Original scientific paper

Sustainable growth and green environment? Evidence from nonparametric methods provincial data of China

Zhipeng Wang
Ahmad Mohammed Alamri
Jeanne Laure Mawad
Mei Zhang
Numan Khan

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A sustainable financial and economic system is the need of the
hour, especially in the context of a deteriorating environment.
Environment quality is very important for healthy labour life, contributing
to economic growth more effectively. China is one of the
largest economies in the world, which is the residency of 18.47%
of total humans on planet earth. Keeping environment is a major
policy concern; this study investigates the relationship between
environmental quality and economic growth in the presence of
human capita and renewable energy use. The study uses the data
for the time period of 1995–2017. While conducting nonparametric
tests, the study applied QMMR regression approach to hand the
issues of cross-sectional heterogeneities and endogeneity simultaneously.
The study found that GDP is positively associated with carbon
emissions throughout all the quantiles. Foreign trade is
showing mixed results, most probably due to changes in trade
patterns, and a hidden heterogeneity across provinces in China.


Carbon emissions; environment; economic growth; MMQR; renewable energy

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