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Original scientific paper

Publishing in Hospitality and Tourism Journals: Revisiting the Criteria Used by Leading Reviewers in Turkey

Eray Polat orcid id ; Faculty of Tourism, Gumushane University, Gumushane, Turkey *

* Corresponding author.

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This study aims to identify the criteria reviewers use to determine whether to accept or reject empirical manuscripts and to define which criteria are more significant. In this exploratory study, which utilizes qualitative research methods, 16 members of the Scientific Committee of the National Tourism Congress of Turkiye were asked to identify the primary areas they focus on when reviewing a manuscript. The data was analyzed using content analysis to determine the most significant criteria. The study identifies six criteria for acceptance and seven for rejection. The most important criterion for acceptance is the appropriateness and adequacy of the research method, while the most crucial criterion for rejection is methodological weakness. Other criteria influencing the reviewers' acceptance or rejection decisions focus on similar issues. The critical factor that distinguishes them is how the manuscript meets the requirements established by the reviewers. The study provided recommendations for future researchers.


peer-review process, reviewer, manuscript evaluation criteria, scientific publication, academic journal, Turkey

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