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Preliminary communication

Experimental examination of erosion threatened waterfalls on tuff beds protection – natural landscape, historical and cultural values on the example of the town Jajce

Vedran Ivanković ; University of Zagreb, Architectural faculty, A. Kačića Miošića 26, HR-10000 Zagreb, Craotia
Zvonko Sigmund ; University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, A. Kačića Miošića 26, HR-10000 Zagreb, Craotia
Tomislav Ivanković ; Faculty of Civil Engineering, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek, Drinska 16a, 31000 Osijek, Croatia

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The possibilities of technical interventions in waterfall area formed in heterogeneous tuff sediments are described in this paper. The river Pliva's waterfall was chosen for the test site, as it is a unique natural phenomenon placed in the middle of the old town of Jajce. The applicable methods for technical stabilization of waterfall are conditioned by natural, urban, architectural, historical and specific values of the town landscape. That is why that concrete or reinforced concrete structure should be avoided and priority given to binders for natural tuff detritus that do not change the shape or color of naturally hardened tuff are preferred. Laboratory experiments on a large number of samples have shown good results when micro-cement was injected into tuff beds, but the usability of other injection suspensions was also examined on the research region. The injection suspensions were adjusted to the tuff lithological composition. Comparisons of
the control samples in laboratory and on site have shown acceptable results of the applied methods.


experiment; erosion; possibility of injection; Jajce; tuff; waterfall

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