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Original scientific paper

Physical Fitness, Menstrual Cycle Disorders and Smoking Habit in Croatian National Ballet and National Folk Dance Ensembles

Goran Oreb
Lana Ružić
Branka Matković
Marjeta Mišigoj-Duraković
Jadranka Vlašić
Dubravka Ciliga

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page 279-283

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The study investigated differences in morphological, motor and functional abilities between folk and ballet dancers. The sample comprised 51 female subjects: Croatian National Ballet (N=30) and Croatian National Folk Ensemble »LADO« (N=21). The data regarding menstrual cycle, menarche, number of births and smoking habit were collected and the morphological, motor and functional abilities measured. Significant correlations between the amount of fat tissue and number of births were found in both groups. Folk dancers were as tall as ballet dancers but weighted more and had a larger body frame (p<0.001). Ballet dancers were more flexible but there were no differences in absolute maximal oxygen uptake (2.65 vs. 2.35 L/min, p=0.101). Still, as the ballet dancers weighted less, their relative maximal oxygen uptake was significantly higher (37.62 vs. 50.22 mL/kg/min, p<0.001). Also, a high number of 45% of smokers among professional ballet and professional folk dancers was found


folk dance, ballet dance, physical fitness, aerobic capacity

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