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Original scientific paper

Methodology for Shipyard Production Areas Optimal Layout Design

Tin Matulja orcid id ; Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Nikša Fafandjel ; Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Albert Zamarin ; Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka

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A novel methodology for creating a preliminary optimal layout design of shipyard production areas is proposed in this article. Proposed methodology is based on the implementation of a specifically defi ned procedure in four phases. The fi rst phase established the closeness relationships of the chosen production areas from the shipbuilding process technological point of view, based upon a survey of relevant experts. Thereupon, the second phase proposed the generation and evaluation of all possible production layout variants within the shipyard. The method of systematic
layout planning based on previously established closeness relationships was used. Furthermore, after establishing a representative number of most competitive variants, the third phase considered hierarchical modelling, by using the analytical hierarchy process, to choose the variant which most optimally satisfi es all criteria. In the fourth and fi nal phase, a sensitivity analysis was performed in order to check the stability of the chosen layout of production areas. The proposed methodology was verifi ed on the example of a real shipyard’s layout design optimisation.


hierarchical modelling; layout design; sensitivity analysis; shipyard; systematic layout planning

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