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Preliminary communication

Manager’s decision-making in organizations –empirical analysis of bureaucratic vs. learning approach

Eva Bolfíková ; Faculty of Public Administration, University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice, Košice, Slovak Republic
Daniela Hrehová ; Department of Social Sciences, Technical University in Košice, Košice, Slovak Republic
Jana Frenová ; Faculty of Management, The University of Presov, Prešov, Slovak Republic

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The paper is focused on the study of manager’s decision-making with respect to the basic model of learning organization, presented by P. Senge as a system model of management. On one hand, the empirical research was conducted in connection with key dimensions of organizational learning such as: 1. system thinking, 2. personal mastery, 3. mental models, 4. team learning, 5. building shared vision and 6. dynamics causes. On the other hand, the research was connected with the analysis of the bureaucratic logic of decision-making process, characterized by non-functional stability, inflexibility, individualism, power, authority and hierarchy, centralization, vagueness, fragmentariness. The objective of the research was to analyse to what extent manager’s decision–making is based on bureaucratic tools or organizational learning in either complex problem-solving or non-problemsolving decision-making. (MANOVA, method of the repeated measure, intersubject factor – situation: 1. non problematic, 2. problematic). The conclusion of analysis is that there are significant differences in character of solving of problem situation and non-problem situation decision-making: the bureaucratic attributes of decision-making are more intensive in problematic situations while learning approach is more actual in non-problematic situations. The results of our analysis have shown that managers who apply the learning organization attributes in their decision-making. are more successful in problem-solving.


Organizational learning; manager’s decision making; bureaucracy

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