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Original scientific paper

The Impact of Basic Motor Abilities on the Specific Motoricity Performance in Elite Karateka

Ratko Katić
Stipe Blažević
Nebojša Zagorac

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The aim of the study was to identify motor structures that determine high performance in karate. The study included a group of 85 karateka aged 18–29 years, competing as senior category athletes within the Croatian Karate Society. A battery of 22 motor tests (9 basic motoricity tests and 13 specific motoricity tests) were used. Factor analysis of the basic motor variables pointed to the existence of three significant factors: coordination, explosive strength and movement frequency; whereas factor analysis of the specific motoricity area indicated two significant factors, i.e. factor of technical efficiency and factor of specific agility. Canonical correlation analysis showed the isolated set of basic motor factors to significantly determine both technical efficiency and specific agility – mobility of the karateka, with a predominance of the explosive strength (force) factor, followed by the speed and coordination factors.


elite karateka, basic and specific motor factors, canonical relations

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