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Review article

Position of Intragastric Balloons in Global Initiative for Obesity Treatment

Marko Nikolić
Marko Boban
Neven Ljubičić
Vladimir Supanc
Gorana Mirošević
Borka Pezo Nikolić
Vanja Zjačić-Rotkvić
Petar Gaćina
Milan Mirković
Miroslav Bekavac-Bešlin

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Obesity is chronic disease with multiple health consequences and among the most severe health problems worldwide.
According to public health records around 65% of population in Croatia are overweight and 20% obese. National physicians
chamber with support of Health and Social Welfare Ministry gave recommendations on diagnosing and treating of
obesity in form of national consensus. Treatment of obesity is complex and enrolls multiple clinical specialties. Change of
life style, strenuous physical activity and pharmacotherapy are part of conservative treatments. Patients are treated more
efficiently by minimally invasive endoscopic procedures or bariatric surgery depending on starting body mass index
score. Implantation of intragastric balloons is conceptually simple method of obesity treatment. Modern devices as Bio-
Enterics intragastric balloons (BIB®), (Inamed Health, USA) are gaining wide popularity among both patients and physicians.
BIB intragastric offers the best gains with individuals ranging BMI from 35 to 40. Efficiency has relative timeline
dependance from 85% at 6 months to 24% at 36 months. BIB offers substantial ameliorative influence on obesity
comorbidities, particularly cardiovascular risk. Treatment with BIB is also efficient but transient treatment modality in
morbidly and superobese individuals to reduce preoperative risks of general and bariatric surgery. Obesity treatment
with BIB is well tolerated and safe, offering better quality of life. Nevertheless, due to relative poor results of conservative
obesity treatments on long term follow up further investigations defining new clinical parameters for solving treatment
resistance. In order to provide resourcefully individualized approach modern perspectives are focused on endocrine constitutes
of obesity. Hormonal effects of BIB treatment in compare to bariatric surgery are potentially interesting for the
prospect studies.


body mass index, BMI, obesity, bariatric surgery, intragastric balloon, BIB, cholesterol

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