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Review article

Emergency Contraception: Can We Benefit from Lessons Learned?

Marina Šprem Goldštajn
Dinka Pavičić Baldani
Hrvoje Vrčić
Slavko Orešković

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page 345-349

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The aim of the paper was to evaluate current emergency contraception (EC) methods and policies in order to implement lessons learned and maximize potential population impact while introducing dedicated EC pills in Croatia. Literature search for potential reasons for EC failing to show positive population impact and detecting actionable points to be implemented in national guidelines. Six potential reasons for ECs failure to show population impact were evaluated and four actionable points were detected: low use of EC compared to the numbers of risk events, low awarenes on EC in general populaton, differences in efficacy of EC methods and EC vailability. In order to ensure EC’s population impact in Croatia it is of a critical relevance to establish continuous education programs for population of women at risk. When recommending an EC method, superior efficacy must be a key decison-making criteria therefore cooper IUD and ulipristal acetate should be our primary options. Counseling is a critical step to ensure maximal efficacy of the EC method, but also to encourage future use of regular contraceptives. Finally, national ECP dispension protocol is needed to close the loop from effective women screening, prompt yet appropriate ECP administration/dispensing towards structured follow up after EC pills intake.


emergency contraception; population impact of emergency contraception; emergency contraception efficacy; providing emergency contraception pills

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