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Preliminary communication

Optimization of the melting process of electrical furnaces in drenas

A. Haxhiaj ; Faculty of Mining and Metallurgy, University of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo
E. Haxhiaj ; American University in Kosovo, Republic of Kosovo

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The weight, composition and loads are the main parameters of the melting process in electrical furnace. The charge is roasted in rotary furnace. Roasting of charge which consists of Drenas and Albanians ore is done at about 950°C. Also, article has the experimental analyses that modify some parameters of the production which are the reduction of quantity of limestone and the increase of quantity of quartz in the charge. The paper analysis the possibility of mixing the ore from Kosova with lateritic ore from Albania with the aim of reducing the acidity of weight which is loaded in the electrical furnace. The composition of the furnace must satisfy the ratio 1:10 of ore from Kosova and Albania.


furnace; melting; charge; optimization

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