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The financial audit of companies operating in the metalworking industries

V. Grosu ; “Stefan cel Mare”University, Faculty of Economics, Suceava, Romania
I. Bostan ; “Stefan cel Mare”University, Faculty of Economics, Suceava, Romania

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In light of the effects of the economic-financial crisis and of the numerous changes occurring both on a European and a global level and altering the environment of the metalworking sector, the aim of the present paper is to focus on the specific alterations performed in the audit of the economic and financial activity and of the financial statements of each entity under consideration. Moreover, high quality audit is essential, especially in light of the numerous cases of fraud and corruption that have been documented in the past few years – occurrences we make reference to – and involving companies operating in this particular sector.


economic-financial crisis; metalworking industrie performance; control system; audit procedures

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