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Example models of building trust in supply chains of metalurgical enterprises

B. Gajdzik ; The Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy, Katowice, Poland
K. Grzybowska ; Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering Management, Poznan, Poland

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The article is an introduction to the notion of building trust in supply chains. Foreign publishers offer many articles connected with trust and some of the most important ones were quoted in this article. In business world there are models based on trust of the companies which are connected with one another and such models are very popular. Trust becomes the key link in the organisation of supply chains. It is one of the basic mechanisms of action co-ordination which provides the correctness of functioning in the whole chain. The growth of importance of trust between the links of the chain is also observed in metallurgy sector. For the purpose of this publication example models of supply chains structures were constructed in which relationships are based on mutual trust with characteristics of the metallurgical sector taken into account.


trust; supply chain; metallurgy sector

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