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Original scientific paper

The Polish 20th Century Philosophers' Contribution to the Theory of Imperatives and Norms

Jacek Jadacki ; University of Warsav

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page 106-145

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Inquiries concerning the theory of imperatives and norms prosecuted in Poland in the 20th century covered practically the whole scope of this theory. In a uniform conceptual scheme, the paper shows main results of this research done mostly within the Lvov-Warsaw School tradition. It begins with presenting the Polish theoreticians’ approach to three correlated theoretical situations containing our preferences (opposed to impulses, decisions and tendencies), accepted values and imposed obligations. The second step is discussing their views on means of verbalising these situations, i.e. by help of imperatives, evaluations and norms (opposed to consultatives, instructions and optatives) correspondingly. The paper is closed with examining the Polish logicians’ trials of reconstruction of imperative-normative argumentation.


evaluation, imperative, imperative-normative argumentation, norm, obligation, Polish philosophers, preference, value

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