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Original scientific paper

Mucormycosis of the Nasal Ala in a Leukemic (M7 AML) Child. Is Surgery of the Nasal Defect Indicated?

Marko Velepič
Dubravko Manestar
Vladimir V Ahel
Željko Linšak
Goran Malvić

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page 535-537

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Anterior tamponade with Surgicel (oxidized cellulose) was performed on a 5-year-old girl with megakaryoblastic leukemia
(M7 AML) and epistaxis. Several days later necrosis of the nasal ala occurred. Debridement was performed and
mucormycosis caused by Rhizopus was found in the material. Having cured mucormycosis, a defect of the complete nasal
ala remained. The question of a surgical resolution of the disfiguring nasal defect arises.


child; leukemia; mucormycosis; plastic surgery; quality of life

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