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Our journal has been conceived as a publication primarily for the presentation of results from the archaeological excavations and fieldwork at the site of Asseria, as well as reports on conservation operations. The journal also publishes various scientific and professional works concerned with the finds from Asseria, classical written sources that mention Asseria, and relevant archival material, and further seeks and republishes old and inaccessible articles on the subject. Naturally, the journal from the very beginning has been open to all contributions devoted to individual questions of broader significance that are also related to ancient Asseria. Considering the importance of the city and the site, it was thought useful to continue with the publication of bibliographic surveys.

  • Peer review: no peer review
  • First year of publication: 2003.
  • Frequency (annually): 1
  • Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Archeology
  • Date added to HRČAK: 23.02.2007.