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Croatica Chemica Acta , Vol. 74 No. 3, 2001.

  • Publication date: 01.08.2001.
  • Published on HRČAK: 05.01.2015.

Table of contents

Full text

Foreword (page V-V)

Leo Klasinc, Matko Orhanović

Smiljko Ašperger - Curriculum vitae (page VII-X)

Nenad Trinajstić

Table of Contents (page 0-0)


Introduction of the Surface Complexation Model into the Theory of Colloid Stability (page 479-497)

Nikola Kallay, Suzana Žalac
Review article

Linkage Isomerization Reactions (page 499-528)

Henrique E. Toma, Reginaldo C. Rocha
Review article

Structure and Reactivity of (PPh4)3[W(CN)5O] ⋅ 7H2O. Kinetics and Mechanism of the Reaction with Molecular Oxygen (page 529-544)

Janusz Szklarzewicz, Dariusz Matoga, Alina Samotus, John Burgess, John Fawcett, David R. Russell
Original scientific paper

Kinetics of Base Hydrolysis of Low-spin Iron(II)-diimine Complexes in Methanol-Water Mixtures (page 545-558)

Ezz-Eldin A. Abu Gharib, Nrinder Gosal, John Burgess
Original scientific paper

Spontaneous Hydrolyses in Sulfobetaine Micelles. Dependence of Micellar Charge Effects Upon Mechanism (page 559-573)

Clifford A. Bunton, Nicholas D. Gillitt, Marutirao M. Mhala, John R. Moffatt
Original scientific paper

Heavy Atom Isotope Effects in Elimination Reactions. An ab initio Study (page 575-591)

William H. Saunders Jr.
Original scientific paper

Effect of Some Macrocyclic Ligands on the Rate of Reduction of Perchlorate Ion by Titanium(III) (page 601-606)

Giulio A. Amadei, Joseph E. Earley, Sr.
Original scientific paper

Activation Volumes for Peroxodisulphate Oxidation of Low-spin Iron(II) Complexes in Aqueous Salt Solutions (page 607-620)

Ján Benko, John Burgess, Pilar López Cornejo, Olga Vollárová
Original scientific paper

Estimation of Stablity Constants of Mixed Amino Acid Complexes with Copper(II) from Topological Indices (page 621-631)

Sonja Nikolić, Nenad Raos
Original scientific paper

Equilibria in Complexes of N-Heterocycles. Part 50.1 The Formation and Properties in Solution of the 1:1 Adducts of Bis(2,2'-bipyridine)platinum(II) and Related Ions with Hydroxide (page 641-665)

Armanda Maria Formigao Gameiro, Robert D. Gillard, Norman H. Rees, Jurgen Schulte, Abdurrahman Sengül
Original scientific paper

Chemistry of 1,3-Dioxepins. XV.1 Syntheses and Structure of Nitroaryl Analogues of Antihyperglycaemic N-Sulphonyl-1a,2,6,6a-tetrahydro-1H,4H-[1,3]-dioxepino[5,6-b]azirines (page 667-682)

Marina Orešić, Darko Filić, Biserka Prugovečki, Mladen Vinković, Miljenko Dumić
Original scientific paper

On Complexity of Transitive Graphs Representing Degenerate Rearrangements (page 683-705)

Milan Randić
Original scientific paper

Diastereoselective Aldol Reaction of 7-Bromo-5-pyrido-1,4-benzodiazepin-2-one; Relative and Absolute Configuration of All Stereoisomers (page 707-724)

Maja Majerić-Elenkov, Dinko Žiher, Aleksandar Višnjevac, Zdenko Hameršak, Biserka Kojić-Prodić, Vitomir Šunjić
Original scientific paper

Gas Phase Kinetics of Metal Ion Ligation by Pyrene (page 725-733)

Tomislav Cvitaš, Saša Kazazić, Snježana Kazazić, Nenad Kezele, Leo Klasinc, Dunja Srzić, Herbert Budzikiewicz
Original scientific paper

Kinetics and Mechanism of the Reaction between Mercury(II) and a Series of Macrocyclic Organochromium Cations (page 735-741)

Vjera Butković, Andreja Bakač, James H. Espenson
Original scientific paper

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