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Kinesiology , Vol. 47. No. 2., 2015.

  • Publication date: 31.12.2015.
  • Published on HRČAK: 31.12.2015.

Table of contents

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Contents (page 129-130)


Improving muscle strength and size: the importance of training volume, intensity, and status (page 131-138)

Gerald T. Mangine, Jay R. Hoffman, David H. Fukuda, Jeffrey R. Stout, Nicholas A. Ratamess
Review article

Effect of different rest interval lengths of resistance exercise on lipid peroxidation and creatine kinase responses (page 139-144)

Kamal Azizbeigi, Sirvan Atashak, Stephen Robert Stannard
Original scientific paper

Acetaminophen ingestion improves repeated sprint cycling performance in females: a randomized crossover trial (page 145-150)

Anne Delextrat, Marcus O’Connor Ellis, Catherine E. Baker, Dionne Matthew, Alvin Sum, Lawrence D. Hayes
Original scientific paper

Differences in physical activity levels in school-based contexts – influence of gender, age, and body weight status (page 151-158)

Daniel Mayorga Vega, Jesus Viciana
Original scientific paper

Lower-extremity side-to-side strength asymmetry of professional soccer players according to playing position (page 188-192)

Cassio V. Ruas, Lee E. Brown, Ronei S. Pinto
Original scientific paper

Motor characteristics of fast break in high level basketball (page 208-214)

David Cárdenas, Enrique Ortega, Javier Llorca, Javier Courel, Guillermo Sánchez-Delgado, Maria Isabel Piñar
Original scientific paper

Expertise development in volleyball: the role of early sport activities and players’ age and height (page 215-225)

Patrícia Coutinho, Isabel Mesquita, António Manuel Fonseca, Jean Côte
Original scientific paper

The effect of long-term bimanual training on arm selection during reaching tasks (page 226-235)

Selcuk Akpinar
Original scientific paper

Analysis of ground reaction force in gait during different phases of pregnancy (page 236-241)

Marta Gimunova, Mario Kasović, Martin Zvonar, Pavel Turčínek, Branka Matković, Pavel Ventruba, Martin Vaváček, Damir Knjaz
Original scientific paper

The relationship between the assessment system in physical education in the former soviet state of lithuania and physical activity levels of adults (page 242-252)

Arunas Emeljanovas, Romualdas Malinauskas, Irena Valentine, Ken Hardman
Original scientific paper

Peer reviewers in 2015 (page 257-260)


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