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  • Publication date: 28.06.2016.
  • Published on HRČAK: 28.06.2016.

Table of contents

Full text

The role of marketing in tourism planning: Overplay, underplay or interplay? (page 135-148)

Eran Ketter, Yoel Mansfeld, Eli Avraham
Original scientific paper

The interest of visitors to protected natural areas in 'green' accommodation (page 159-174)

Josef Navrátil, Kamil Pícha, Vivian L. White Baravalle Gilliam
Original scientific paper

The preferences of participants in small-scale sport events: A conjoint analysis case study from Taiwan (page 175-187)

Anestis K. Fotiadis, Chris A. Vassiliadis, Marios D. Sotiriadis
Original scientific paper

Influencing collective moral judgement by changing ethical culture in tourism industry: The case of Slovenia (page 189-202)

Tanja Šalamon, Marko Koščak, Borut Vojinović
Original scientific paper

Tourism as a driving force in rural development: Comparative case study of Romanian and Austrian villages (page 203-218)

Peter Jordan, Kinga Xénia Havadi-Nagy, Zoltán Maroşi
Original scientific paper

RevPAR determinants of Portuguese hotels: The global and the local factors (page 219-230)

Luís Pacheco
Original scientific paper

Employment traits within the Zanzibar tourism industry (page 231-235)

Michele Carboni
Preliminary communication

Tourism book series for students and practitioners from Libertas International University, Zagreb (page 236-242)

Marko Koščak, Marjetka Rangus, Mitja Gorenak, Borut Vojinović
Case report

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